Sky through the clouds over rough waterBird soaring over calm open water with sun in the background.Darlene Jordan LCSW, LLC - Happiness Therapist and Coach watching the sun rise on the beach.

“Go confidently in the directions of your dreams…” Thoreau

Professional Therapy to Help You Find Happiness

Welcome to Happiness Starts Here! That’s right, you, your life and your happiness. I’m a private practice happiness therapist and happiness coach serving Wilmington Delaware and the surrounding areas. What is a “happiness therapist” / "happiness coach" you ask? Well, I’m a therapist who embraces positive psychology, positive health, and positive energy in my own life and my focus is sharing those strategies with clients so they can acheive happiness on their own terms.

I’m a therapist and life coach whose sole focus is helping you discover ways to alter your daily life to make positive changes and achieve the often elusive happiness we all search for. Happiness comes in all different shapes and forms and might not be what we believe it to be. It might be disguised in ways we wouldn’t expect. There are many reasons why we lose sight of happiness: dissatisfaction with work, school or life; self-image; stress; or mental and physical health obstacles.

I’m here to tell you that you can find happiness and I am glad to help you get started on that path through structured licensed professional therapy and life coach services that will help you find happiness. Happy is unique and looks different to every individual. Find out what makes YOU happy.

You can learn more about me under my ‘About Me’ page and even if we never meet, I wish you a lifetime of happiness.